Hike-in Base Camps

Our base camps offer one of the simplest ways to experience 
wilderness camping.  A day hike brings us to a lovely camp, where you spend your 
days as you wish.  All equipment and supplies are provided, so you need only to bring your 
clothing and personal items. 
(see Planning Your Trip)

Camps feature a well equipped kitchen where your camp host and/or cook will prepare and serve meals.  Take along lunches are provided for your excursions away from camp and snacks for in between meals.  We offer a variety of tasty and nutritious meals incorporating both fresh and non-perishable foods.  Due to the remote location, all supplies must be pre-planned and some limitations apply.  Persons with special dietary restrictions need to inform us well in advance so we can discuss the best way to accommodate your needs.

Separate sleeping tents for individuals, couples, or families are located away from the kitchen and each other – and are equipped with sleeping mats, bedding and lights.

An escort/guide is provided for your hike in and out.  Please bring a small backpack/day pack for your personal day essentials.

Call to join one of our scheduled base camps, or to arrange for a custom trip of your own.

Also available without food service/cook/host for groups that prefer self service.

Services and Rates
You can hear the stream trickling, would you like to take off on your own for a little fishing?  The campfire is roaring; prefer to sit on a comfortable seat with a good book?  It’s up to you.
Operating under a special use permit from Gila National Forest.
Hiking Treks

Hiking Treks allow you to see more of the wilderness and experience a variety of terrain and environments.  

Trips may be designed to allow you to enjoy hiking at your own pace and pursuing your personal interests along the way, or may be more challenging to cover more terrain.

All gear and supplies are provided and will be packed by our guides on mules and/or horses.  You carry a day pack for water and day essentials.  Guides do the cooking and camp chores.    

Hiking treks are strenuous and you must be in good physical condition and health.  We venture far from civilization, so you must have a sense of self-reliance and adventure.  

Call to join one of our scheduled Treks, or to arrange for a custom trip.
Packing Service

We offer a packing service to transport gear and supplies to your campsite.

Drop Camp – You bring your gear and supplies and we pack you in to any campsite you choose. We can help you find a place that suits your needs, easy to get to, or deep in the wilderness.  We return when you wish to pack your gear back out.  We have gear available if needed.

Resupply – We can meet your group at a pre-determined place to bring supplies and gear.

Cost: $250-$400 per day (varies according to amount of gear and distance traveled, etc)
Services for Horse Owners

Ride your horse in the Wilderness!
If you have your own horses, love to ride and camp, our small group backcountry trips are the ultimate experience.  You bring your horse (or mule) and saddle to ride.  We provide a guide(s), pack animals, plus all camp gear and supplies.

We can plan a cross country trek (multiple camps, up to four riders), or a base camp (one camp, up to six riders) for any length of stay.  

Cost: $125-$200 per person per day (varies according to details of your trip)

Considerations for horse trips – Horses or mules that you bring must meet these conditions:
Be properly conditioned for the planned activity
Well shod and hooves in good condition
Accustomed to wearing hobbles and being tied up for long periods of time
Generally calm on the trail and experienced in a variety of terrain and conditions

Make sure your gear is in good condition.  Work out any gear or major training issues with your animal before planning a backcountry trip.  
Our friendly crew of professional guides is well prepared to help plan and service your trip.  Join one of our scheduled trips or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you plan a trip that's just right for you!  We can accommodate everything from families with young children to the most adventurous explorers.  We've got all the gear, we've mapped outstanding trips, and we know delectable camp food.

Trips and services are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and are subject to availability.  We will make every effort to accommodate.  Prices are a general guide-line - total cost may vary according to the particulars of your trip.  

Lodging and shuttles are available for an additional fee. 
Call for custom trip pricing. 

Hike-in Base Camps
Hiking Treks
Services for Horse Owners
Packing Service
Boating Trips
Shuttle Service
Booking, Closures and Cancellations
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Hiking into camp through a narrow slot canyon
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Shuttle Service

We offer car, truck and trailer shuttles for hikers, riders and boaters.  Subject to availability.  We also offer Silver City Airport pick up and drop off for trip participants.

Cost: varies - call for details
Booking, Closures and Cancellations

To make each trip more enjoyable, we strictly limit how many people may participate.  Call ahead to confirm availability for your trip.   

Reservations required 14 days prior to trip departure.

25% non-refundable deposit is required upon reservation.  The remainder is due upon arrival. If Gila Backcountry Services must cancel a trip for any reason, we will refund your full deposit.  

The forest service sometimes implements restrictions and closures that affect our operations.  Fire restrictions are the most common, usually late May through June.  We may not be able to use camp fires at this time.  Certain trails may be closed or impassable due to forest fires or flooding.  We will seek alternative routes and/or camps whenever possible.  In rare instances, we may be required to cancel a trip due to closures or reasons beyond our control.

We accept checks and Paypal payments.
Gila River Canyon Scenery.
Gila Backcountry Services
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Boating Trips

We are excited to be offering rafting trips on the Gila River.  Subject to weather conditions, we hope to be able to float from Grapevine Campground to Mogollon Creek confluence in the spring.  

Cost: varies - call for details