Bring your own Horse

If you have your own horses or mules and love riding and camping, a backcountry trip is a rewarding experience.  

Horses or mules that you bring must meet these conditions:
Be properly conditioned for the planned activity
Well shod and hooves in good condition
Accustomed to wearing hobbles and being tied up for long periods of time
Generally calm on the trail and experienced in a variety of terrain and conditions

Make sure your gear is in good condition.  Work out any gear or major training issues with 
your animal before planning a backcountry trip.  

Cost: will depend on the particulars of your trip ($150-$250 per person/day)

Mule Riding Trips for Two
This arrangement offers the very best in wilderness riding trips.  You'll be riding one of our sure-footed, experienced saddle mules.  Perfect for couples or two friends with similar interests.  We’ll create an itinerary with a pace and focus that caters just to you.  The addition of a second guide will allow us to provide the ultimate in safety and service.  

Cost for two:       per day
  with one guide   $550
  with two guides $750

Riding Trips
Operating under a special use permit from Gila National Forest.
There is a coolness in the breeze.  It gets passed from tree to tree, picking up speed, swirling and dropping.  The leaves quiver and become still.  The canyon moans and quiets.  These moments growl and whisper - they relieve and inspire.
Riding on the West Fork.
Night view of camp and stars.  Photo credit: Steve Kennedy
For a true western experience, try an awe-inpiring ride in the Southwest's largest Wilderness.  The Gila offers some of the best riding anywhere.  Awesome scenery, great camps, endless trails and no crowds!

All trips are custom planned with a pace and focus that caters to your individual/group desires.

These full service trips include all gear and supplies.  Guides cook delicious, hearty meals and do camp chores.  If you prefer a do-it-yourself camp, see the Packing Service page for drop camps.

Give us a call with any questions or to start planning your trip.

These full service trips include all gear and supplies.  Guides cook delicious, hearty meals and do camp chores.
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